*THIS IS IT!! ** This was my apt. when I met the elders!!! This is where it ALLLL started.
This is where I told the missionaries I wouldn’t listen unless they brought me a steak to eat – and they did!
Those are the stairs we would sit on during my lessons.
I drove by it this weekend since THIS WEEK WILL MARK 9 YEARS OF MY BAPTISM!
I literally have no words.

I was on a quest to prove them wrong — that you don’t need the gospel & all of these ‘blessings’ they were working towards was all in their heads.

So, I was going to try & live the gospel the best I could JUST to show them nothing would happen.

But the funny thing about acting – is that we are always blessed by our efforts of TRYING, no matter how small or awkward or “bad” we may think those efforts are.
I changed. Not because someone told me I had to.
Not because I was unhappy.
I changed ‘cuz that’s what happens when we actually live the simple things of the gospel.
That’s God’s promise to us: ANY effort to learn of Him will be magnified & we will become better & be brought to better things. *We can’t know what it can do for us in our lives if we don’t let it into our lives!
If it weren’t for my awkward, hard, embarrassing, small, ‘bad’ efforts,
I wouldn’t be here.
I wouldn’t have a single thing I do now.
I would not truly be happy. I would not truly be me without it. Without Him.
And it breaks my heart to imagine my life any different than what it is now.
Heavenly Father knew what I needed before I ever did. And ever since then, God has continued to show me the greater things.
I hope that we will always allow ourselves to be changed by the gospel every day by doing the simple things asked of us, b/c truly, it is ELECTRIFYING!


xox AL

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