When We Want to Quit

It would be so easy to quit, ya know?
To give up. To go back— 
back where 21yrs of habit, tradition, contentment & culture lay DEEP within my ROOTS, in my being.

I know very well the times where we are 
losing our voice, losing hope, losing strength–
Those times that feel unheard, unanswered, unwanted, unfit, unworthy—
to feel lonely, lacking, tired, tried,
to wonder, to doubt, to guess, to struggle, to sink, to sacrifice—

Like you, I know how it feels to think our faith is in vain
with nothing to show for your efforts—
to feel like you have to force yourself to use faith we don’t even know if we have or not. 

I know how easy it is to blame things on God–
I know how easy to say it things never go our way,
& things could have been avoided, 
or that things wouldn’t be so hard if it weren’t 
for this “supposed God” & His supposed path & supposed “requirements.”
yeah… I know it’s easy to point fingers at God & easy to quit & to turn back 

But I also know…
how worth it & possible & crucial it is to keep going
to truly LIVE & ahhhh what a LIFE IT IS!!

I also know what a THRILL it is to stick with it & see it all unfold–
to look back & humbly connect the dots
to look back in humble ‘ah-ha’’s as we finally notice His strategic intricacies —
the crying, complaining & confusing turned to blossomed blessings

to look back & see my favorite things – the best things-
stemmed from all that I initially was fighting against
To see all that was unwanted has brought me to all that is new–
to see all that was different has brought me to all that is better—

For me, what I think is MOST important through it all:
SEE YOUR SEASONS THROUGH! See Him through. LET HIM show you how great He really is.

I am learning the vastness & intricate details of God &
I am certain God knows something we don’t—
about ourselves, about life, about our SOULS LIVING WITHIN US…

I am certain that there is something else that God is behind. 
Something greater.
And I am sticking around for it all.


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