a List of Optimism

There is *always another way to look at things
Every passing second is a chance to turn it all around
Allow God to be God.
We find what we look for, look for the good.
Good is always there b/c God is always there.
When it’s out of our hands, it’s in God’s.
Embrace the unexpected knowing Who is guiding you.
The unexpected is God intervening
Through it all, He becomes more real. Could you trade that?
We’re part of something so much greater than the *here.
Get up & move. Get your blood pumping, it’s good for resetting your soul & your brain.
Remember your hard days won’t last & better ones are coming.
Be productive in our hard times. Listen. Look for lessons, light, opportunities & growth are there. God is there
“Small” blessings are real blessings from a real God who really does love you & really did hand-pick those exact things to help you succeed 
God does not sleep or take breaks.
Sometimes it not working out, is it working out.
We may not know the why, but we know The Who.
Don’t forget how thrilling it is to live by faith.
My favorite things are a *direct result from things *not* going how I want or prayed. 
Our own visions and desires limit a limitless God
Never let a change of course take away from the unchangeable truth that God is taking care of you. God’s entire character & purpose is to bring us to the best things
God is good even when our situation is not b/c He knows something we don’t. 
There is so much more to come.
Your prayers have been heard, but greater is what He has in store for you.
Abandoned this make-believe mortal vision we created in our minds
We miss what is in front of us by looking back or too far forward
Our loneliest days are often when God is closest
There is something profound & needed in every season.
Take time to step back from what makes logical human sense & remember that our God is much greater than all that.
Comfort & guidance & energy & a new mindset are a prayer away. All is not lost.
Our efforts and faith are not in vain.
Just because things haven’t worked out yet doesn’t mean they won’t. 
Promised blessings don’t expire.
Let go.
When we feel like He has turned His back on us, turn around.
“The Lord knoweth all things from the beginning.”
Write down your blessings
You may be in a hard season right now, but seasons don’t last forever. And each season brings forth new blossoms. 
The adversary will stay as long as we allow him to. We have actual power to cast him out. We don’t have time for Satan’s pathetic games.
Contention never listens.
Other people’s perceptions of us ain’t none of our business.
Hard times may always be there, but so will Christ.
Pay attention to your good, reoccurring thoughts. 
Don’t let a bad day make you feel like you have a bad life.
You have an unchanging God: He has helped before; He will help me again; listened before; He will listen again; blessed me before; He will bless me again. And that will not change.
Our God will always be a God of miracles. Of mercy. Of guidance. Of revelation. 
Trust God with your life—after all, He’s the one who gave it to you.
God knows & has something else in mind. Something greater.


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