Choosing Misery Over Jesus

I DID IT! Yesterday, I finished the Book of Mormon before years end, like I pushed myself to do just 2 weeks ago! What a ride—

My soul really needed that push.
…picking it up every free second that I had as it REVIVED and pumped LIFE & power into my soul

I’m desperately grateful for it to reel me back to what I need to be focusing on & working towards. 
How many times did I read about endless torment, endless misery, endless damnation, endless darkness & suffering…that we choose for ourselves by our actions (or lack of),
…over what…? Jesus????
Over an all merciful, all-loving, all powerful, all-forgiving, perfect Being Who stands with ‘open arms to receive us’ & give us the greater things??

No, thank yewwww!
I wanna say I sacrificed to make this happen but like…was it though?
Was it that hard to feed my soul
to give my spirit living inside of them the self-care (no no, spirit-care) it desperately needs to thrive?!
Was it that hard to come closer to the most powerful Being to ever exist & become more intimate with the creator of everything’s EXISTENCE?!

Can we think of anything more important than ENDLESS LIFE & ETERNAL BLISS?!Let’s just all promise to give God the time He deserves, k?!? Let’s give this a real go at it! Every day.
Let’s make taking care of us & our SOUL a priority. Make God a priority. 
Because WOW WHAT AN INDESCRIBABLE DIFFERENCE I DON’T DARE EVER LIVE WITHOUT AGAIN. ‘Cuz this isn’t wishful thinking…. it actually IS real.  All of it. 
And nothing is worth giving up our forever happiness.