“God Could Never Love someone like” Me

lololololol @ anyone trying to come slow US down. DON’T THEY KNOW WE GOT A REAL-LIFE GOD WHO ONLY EXISTS *FOR US* IS ON OUR SIDE?!!! 

lolololol @ anyone thinkin’ they’re gunna be the reason we take a backseat in OUR OWN LIFE  when we’re only here ONCE!!!

We only have NOW to be here in this beautiful, VIBRANT, blossoming life
that the most powerful Being to ever exist created JUST FOR US.
& lolololol @ anyone thinkin’ they’re gunna slow us down & give up all that.

lololol like, don’t they know WHO WE ARE?! They must have forgotten we were HAND CREATED by *the* CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE & He doesn’t make mistakes.
Sry—BYE to them 👋🏼 
we don’t have time to listen to garbage,
WE GOT LIVIVNG TO DO! Because no-one *AND NOTHING* CAN CHANGE the ONLY qualifying factor
to evvvvvverythinnnnng a perfect God has for US.

We are His. That’s it, right there. That’s all there is to it.
We are worthy & deserving of EVERYTHING beautiful & vibrant in this life
simply because we. are. His.

And because of that, EVERYTHING ELSE IS JUST ✨noise✨
Enojy living, friend. Everything good is here just for you💛

xoxAL 🙂

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