In high School I Quit Everything

I’m training for a race I signed up for. And although I consider myself super active & health conscious, I’m not a runner, really. But doing something new & hard has always been a lifelong chase of mine.

I ran through 3 of my old schools today for the 1st time since I was a student. 

I ran past my elementary and I vividly remember every year standing around that flag pole wearing an old navy outfit for flag day and singing songs & where my mom was my brownie leader & we planted flowers there often.

I ran past my jr high where I did ALL the sports; the soccer, the cheerleading, volleyball, track, gymnastics, dance, band–you name it, I did it. 

I ran past my high school where I quit everything, except band, would sneak out to the corner & smoke cigarettes. I was the first one to pick it up in my grade. And even though I won, “most changed since freshman year” when I graduated, I still followed suit in the theme of trying new things in different ways. Seeing what makes me feel filled in the season that I’m in. 

Fulfilling to go back where I have 18 years of memories of every age and stage of my life,& feel as if I was returning-and passing through-with a mini full circle moment & just feeling so proud & content with who I am & what I’m doing & becoming still.

I smiled thinking of how it’s still a thrill to me to see being alive as an endless self discovery of what else I am capable of doing.



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