1. Al I want to thank you for sharing your story and for being such a huge example of perseverance!!! My mom showed me your blog when I was about 13 or so and I’ve always loved your posts and I am currently reading your book and I love it so much!!
    I’m also a missionary in the area south of Salt Lake right now and it’s been hard being stuck inside all day almost every day and have almost no social interaction outside of phone calls. But like this post says and like your one of “when God doesn’t care,” there are little reminders and blessings that I can see from God’s hand to comfort me and keep me going even though things are hard, liking having so many friends in the missionaries around me!
    So, keep up the good work with this blog and with speaking and everything you do!! You probably don’t know the amount of impact you’re making, but at least you’ve impacted my life with your stories!!
    Thank you!!!!

  2. I just got broken up with and it was with someone I thought was the one. It’s been a hard couple of days, and Satan is really doing a number on me. But I know that if this doesn’t work out, God really has something amazing planned, and someone amazing in store for me. I think this relationship was my land Bountiful. It’s a beautiful land. It’s a land of milk and honey. But it wasn’t my promised land. I just need to have faith to cross the Ocean before me. And God sent plagues, parted the Red sea, gave mana in the wilderness, and tumbled the walls of Jerico. Why? Because he made a promise to the Children of Israel. He has made a promise to me that I will have someone who is my equil. And He keeps his promises, even if it takes miracles.

  3. I am in such a state like this right now. I believe God has the best in store for, I truly do. But somehow I also want something (to be with someone) so much, that by trusting completely in God’s will is becoming a little hard right now. Because that would mean me giving up my desire of being with this person, should that not be in God’s plans for me. I want His plans for me to become my reality! It is such a complex feelind…

  4. So sorry you are having to go through this. I’m from the east coast, been a member all my life. I would think that members back east would be more understanding than the members out west (that live in a bubble, and I mean that in the most sincere way). The church is very different here than out west. Just purchased your books and I’m very interested to read about your conversion and thoughts about the church. I don’t know why I’m
    Just realizing you exist and stated following you recently (I can only say I must have been under a rock the past few years) because everything I’ve read on you has been extremely positive. Chin up! There are members you will never ever change and THEY will have to answer fir that.

  5. I’m so happy to still hear from you. When being a missionary was still fresh on my mind I came across my first “tatoo’d mormon” video, and was excited the first time I heard you say “my personal God!” I just knew that you had the right idea! Now my children all grew up and I find you again still doing Good so keep it up!

  6. When I first saw the link to the corresponding video for this post on YouTube, I was put off by the title “Nothing About Me is Mormon Anymore,” and changed sites quickly. I came to find out your story when friends of mine said they love you writing, so I read and watched your words for about 6 hours straight.
    Al, thank you for inspiring and uplifting me in so many ways. I especially loved your book “Cheers to Eternity” because my parents recently divorced and I’m now understanding so many more ways to make a marriage celestial and eternal. I have no idea how you write so much good stuff, but it is inspiring me to write and create, to lift others too.
    You’re the best! Also your family is so beautiful.

  7. Al, my motto is this. WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH, THE TOUGH GET GOING. When Satan tempts you, stop and read the book of Mormon. If you do this enough, he will get the idea and leave you alone.

  8. Al here is my testimony, maybe it will help you. I have read your books three times. We bought a whole case from Cedar Fort to give away. I have read the Book of Mormon 116 times cover to cover. I am 85 years young. Clarence Anderson Pea soup: I write western/science fiction short stories.

  9. diyanaw – Diyana likes a lot of things. She likes beauty. She likes reading. She likes writing. She likes foreign foods. She loves to learn about people and their cultures and backgrounds. She has been writing since before she can remember, creating stories and poems almost daily. She is currently working on two books.
    diyanaw says:

    I loved this post. I think that I often do things I feel like I ‘should’ do rather than what I want to do. Thank you for the message!

  10. Hi Al. yes it is true. when we let God be God.
    My husband and I both have covid and we are quarantining until March 18th
    he received the Antibody Infusion Bamlanivimab so he will not get more sick from Covid-19. he has a rare antibody Disorder. I called our Doctor’s office after I found out my positive test results today.( and for the first time I did not get mad) I asked the receptionist to please give Dr. Chua a message for me that I have covid and if I could please get the Bamlanivimab infusion because I have Crohn’s Disease and I am immune compromised.

  11. Did people seriously leave you messages like that? They have no idea who you are or what you stand for. My daughter has been very inspired by you and she showed you to me as well. She held your family at the SLC airport one night so I could meet your family. You are a wonderful person and it’s good to see that no one can bring you down.

  12. I am just coming back to church after 20 years of being inactive. I was mostly inactive because I was treated with more respect from people outside my faith that I did in my own ward. But very recently God has shown me his hand in my life. It is unmistakable. The other thing that is unmistakable is that God prompted me to pick up your book. He wanted me to read your words, He approves of you and loves you and wants others to hear your message of faith. Keep going, you are making a difference. You are beautiful and positive and the world needs more of that. Thank you for being you.

  13. You are beautiful and just because you are different doesn’t mean you need to. Change for God to love you I have depression and it is so hard but you just got to keep living each day until its your last. And life is so. Hard and sometimes I feel like i just want to disappear but I know that he has a purpose. For me I love you so. Much you are my role model love you so much I wish one day I could meet you love Alissa

  14. Thank you for sharing your amazing, sweet words. Hang in there! And never let the opinions get to you! Your gifts and talents bless more lives than they can think or dream of!
    My husband and I have met people like this in various wards we have lived in. But we have also met amazing people in our wards who have touched our lives in the best ways. Hang in there!
    A few things we learned during those times were that people are still people, for better or for worse, but the gospel will always remain true, and that we have a loving, merciful, mindful Heavenly Father and an amazing Savior who know exactly what we’re going through. The truth will always prevail, whether it’s about a situation, concept or a person. Continue to trust and rely on Him. Thank you for sharing your talents and amazing words. And thank you for the reminder of enjoying this beautiful life that we have been so blessed with.
    I hope and pray that you and your family. 💗

  15. Just wanted to send a personal thank you. I hope with all the negative that comes your way you also receive many positive comments as well. Thank you for your testimony and faith. Your joyful spirit is refreshing and sincere in a church where we often get stuck in one attitude. Please continue to be who you are. Your faith has edified my own.

  16. Great reminder, Al. The unhelpful things you used to say to your kids have a name: toxic positivity. We can be toxically positive toward others, but we can also be toxically positive toward ourselves. When we say the same cheery, dismissive things to ourselves, we suppress our legitimate feelings. Instead of working through them and resolving them in a healthy way, we repress them, creating seeping wounds that never heal. The solution is to be as empathetic with ourselves as you suggest we be with others. And you are correct– nothing lasts forever except God’s love.

  17. Unbelievable. I wonder if it’s a symptom of the “online generation” where people think they can spout anything awful w/o consequences. Well, the Lord know what we do & say, & I hope they repent before they must face Him. I’m a convert of 49 yrs, joined at age 17, my Sr year in high school. In Pennsylvania. Being a member of the Lord’s church has been wonderful! I went to BYU & it was fabulous back then, never felt judged. Served a mission in San Diego, met my husband back home in PA, have 4 adult sons & grandkids. It’s all wonderful. I do think society has changed, & people feel free to be rude and awful to others. I keep private online because of that. Keep positive! God loves you very much!!!!

  18. Dear Al,
    Thank you for all you have done to share your courage and light with others. I absolutely loved your first book. I felt so much love from the Savior for you and all of us as I read it. Your story has really opened my heart and eyes. Thank you!

  19. I just want you to know that you are beautiful, inside & out. Thank you for sharing your strengths, weaknesses, & feelings. I appreciate your testimony & the insights you have shared. You are amazing. My testimony is greater because of your example. Thank you.

  20. You are ALWAYS an inspiration to so many of us, Al!! Thank you for staying true & holding to the iron rod ❤

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